Aurora Audio GT500
Demo unit available

Holy grail of 500 Mic Pre's


  • 500 Mic Pre like no other on the market
  • 80 dB of Gain
  • HPF Filter with selectable frequencies: 47Hz, 82Hz., 150 Hz, 270 Hz
  • Output Pot mute to unity
  • Three Input leds, green -20dB (signal present), amber 0 dB, red at 24 dB (which is merely “approaching” clipping, so not to worry)
  • Input Impedance 1200 Ohm
  • DI Input Impedance 10 MOhm
  • Output drive capability = greater than 24dBu into any load of 600 Ohms and above
  • Noise less than -45dB filtered 20Hz to 20kHz @ + 80dB gain (!!!)

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The Aurora GT500 offers typical “vintage Neve 1073 type” microphone preamplification.
It stands for lots of power in the mids, big and tight low end as well as characteristically round transients in the highs.
However, the GT500has a more open alas more “modern” sound than even the best kept original vintage Neve 1073, without sacrificing any of the distinctive 1073 recognition value.
Its enormous headroom is striking. Producing clipping artefacts is almost impossible.
At the same time it allows deliberate saturation of program up to heavy harmonic distortion – yet it will never produce typically nasty clipping artefacts when heavy peaks occur, like most of its competitors will do.

A meticulous blindtest in Japan with five of todays most common “1073 type” Mic Pre’s showed the GT Preamp coming through as the clear winner.

A little history

So it’s finally here, the 500 version of the famous Geoff Tanner Mic Pre.
So why did it take so long?
Well, for years on end Geoff Tanner refused to build a 500 version of his Mic Pre.
He kept saying he can’t get it done without too much of a compromise, reason  being voltage and power problems.
So what’s changed?
Well, it is a fact that recent designs of 500 racks have ben equipped with way heavier power supplies than older ones, and yes we are pointing our finger them API racks. They are underpowered for today’s module designs and it’s not a secret anymore.
But with racks available such as for instance the IGS Panzer, using strong external power supplies the amount of power a preamp can draw has changed dramatically. A Panzer will deliver 420 mA per slot.
The other thing that happened, Geoff found a way to double the 16V current that 500 racks deliver.
So the GT500 Mic Pre will not run on 24V like it’s 19″ colleagues but at 32V, thereby offering 6dB more headroom than the original.
I rest my case.

dB says

So we’ve finally received our GT500, it’s actually S/N 001 and we are damned proud of it.
So what is it like?
Well, it’s unfuckingbelievable.
Up till now we have always regarded the Sunset P1 to be the finest 500 Mic Pre on the market.
The GT500 is different though, very different.
It’s heavy and powerful beyond words.
Power, sheer raw power.
It’s unfuckingbelievable.