Aurora Audio GTP1
Demo unit available

Class A Mic Pre, mono. Upgrade Kit to Stereo (2 channels) available!!!!!


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Not much to add to whats been said about the Aurora Mic Pre in the past.

Its generally accepted to be the best sounding “Neve 1073 type Mic Pre” on the market, very much so, cause Geoff Tanner, former head of special product designs with Neve in their golden 70s, refused to merely build a clone of the much heralded 1073. What Geoff did is, he built a newer updated version of the 1073, changing all the little flaws of the original design that have been causing all sorts of problems ever since the 1073 hit the market in the early 70s.

Hence the GT mic pre, a new standard in fat Class A mic pre designs.
The GTP1 is the latest model release within the Aurora family and the simplest design so far.
A 19″ housing with a single channel of Aurora Mic Pre built in, 48V, phase, 3 LEDs, 80dB gain, +/- 6 dB attenuation pot, Finis!
The GTP1 is actually prewired inside to become the stereo version GTP2.
So each and any GTP1 can be modded  into a stereo channel at any given time.