Charter Oak PEQ-1
Demo unit available

Stereo Equalizer with 6 bands - 1 pot for both sides


  • ONE pot for both sides of stereo image
    (no more endless adjusting L/R)
  • Separate Outpot Pots for L-R
  • Low Cut 20 Hz
  • 6 Bands:
    • Band 1: 20, 40, 60 Hz    +/- 12dB shelf
    • Band 2: 80, 120 Hz    +/- 8dB bell
    • Band 3: 400, 630, 800 Hz +/- 4dB bell
    • Band 4: 1, 2, 3 khz +/- 4dB bell
    • Band 5: 5, 8 khz +/- 8dB bell
    • Band 6: 15, 2o, 50 khz +/- 12dB shelf

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The Award Nominated, CharterOak PEQ-1 is an active equalizer that employs the very best operational amplifiers, capacitors, resistors, input transformers, and output transformers that are available today.

The design of the PEQ-1 is very intuitive, as the carefully chosen switchable center frequency points and overlapping bands are perfectly suited for music production. The equalizer is extremely clean and free of distortion, which allows for large amounts of boost in the upper frequencies without any harshness. The equalizer also boasts extremely tight and focused bass response and perfect stereo imaging all of which make it an excellent choice across the mix buss or in a mastering environment.

The Charter PEQ-1 Bus EQ is also available as Mastering Edition with 24 stepped controls per band.



  • Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz w/in 0.4dB -3dB down at 60 kHz
  • Harmonic Distortion 0.01% below +21dBu
  • Maximum Output +23dBu
  • Signal to Noise Ratio -85dB referenced to +4dBu
  • Maximum output +23dBu
  • Input Impedance 600 Ohms balanced
  • Output Impedance 600 Ohms balanced