Charter Oak SSC

Four (!) first rate condenser mics in beautiful aluminium case


  • SA 538 Large Diaphragm Condenser Tube Mic / frontterminated
  • E 700 Large Diaphragm Condenser FET Mic / fronterminated
  • M 900 Matched Pair of Small Diaphragm FET Mics / come with 3 capsules each:
    • Omni
    • Cardioid
    • Hyper-Cardioid

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Charter Oaks’s “Small Studio Collection” is a perfect start up set for each and every studio.
The beautiful aluminium suitcase houses 4 (four!) first rate condenser microphones for pro applications, taking care of most everyday studio needs – at sensational bundle pricetag:

  • The SA 538 is a large diaphragm tube mic with front-terminated capsule.
    It will equally impresson vocals as well as your “universal application mic”.
    Put the SA 538 in front of a trumpet, piano, backing vocals, room, whatever.
    You are sure to get truly great results.
    It’s a “one size fits all” mic if there ever was one!!The SSC can also be delivered with the 538b rather than the 538 (additional cost 50€)
    Like all side-termianted microphones the 538b has a tendency to round off sibilance and is therefor a designated vocal microphone.
    (FYI: C12 = side-terminated, U47 = front-terminated.
    Which mic type may be best for a specific vocalist will be individual – and not least matter of taste as well as musical style)
  • The E 700 is the FET version of the 538.
    It will perform miracles in front of any guitar or bass cabinet as well as in front of bassdrum or over a snare drum.
    Put in before double bass, a hammond leslie, a cello, applications are countless.
    It’s also well recommend for voiceover (speech) recordings.
  • The matched stereo pair M 900’s small diaphragm FET mics come with three different capsules each:
    The suitcase includes omni, cardioid as wells as hyper-cardioid capsules to screw onto you M900s.
    These mics will be your first choice for fast as well as high frequency source material such as drum overheads, percussion, acoustic guitars or stereo room pick up.
    They also sound great on violin or violas as well as stereo overheads for an entire string quartet or small ensemble of any kind.
    More than worthwhile having. Great work horses.



dB says

My own SSC mics are indeed hard wired.
We haven’t changed their positions in a while.

The 538 is about 3-4 feet in front of the BD, the E700 is in front of the bass cabinet, the M900s are screwed to the wall as room mics.
Sorry, won’t change that!