Coleman Audio LS3
Demo unit available

Line Level Selector/ Audio Signal Switcher


  • Completely passive switching
  • Stere inputs and outputs are balanced
  • Can be used Bi-directionally as a speaker select or source selector
  • 3 Stereo In/ 1 Stereo Out or 1 Stereo In/ 3 Stereo Out

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With over 1,000 units in the field the LS3 is a very versatile selector for balanced audio routing. The LS3 provides passive switching of three stereo outputs from a single stereo source. Or as a source selector any of three stereo sources to a single stereo output. As a speaker selector, you can select multiple outputs simultaneously. An excellent tool for isolating your subwoofer or using it with multiple pairs of speakers. All inputs and outputs are on ¼” TRS jacks.