IGS – Tubecore

Fully dented Mix- / Mastering Tube Compressor, Vari Mu (based on Fairchild 670)


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  • Tube Vari Mu Compressor
  • Dented 24 pole Elma Switches
  • Sidechain HPF: 120Hz, 60Hz, Off
  • Wet / Dry Mixer: 0-100% in 4dB steps
  • Mid / Side Processing: M/S encode / decode
  • Attack: 0,1 – 30ms
  • Release: 0,1 – 4 sek.
  • Dyn. Range: 107 dBA
  • Max Gain: 35 dB
  • Tubes: 6N1P-EW or 6N3P-EW, Optional: 6BC8, 5670, 6386



Classic Vari Mu design- M/S - Wet / Dry - HPF in Sidechain, etc

The IGS Tubecore is a particularly well craftet High End all Tueb Vari Mu compressor, like all Vari Mu’s based on the Fairchild 670 from the 50s.
What sets the IGS Tubecore apart from most competitors is that the standard versiuon offers literally ALL features that are optional in most of its competitors such as the Manley Vari Mu.
The IGS has all dented pots, Wet / Dry on board (in 4dB Steps), M/S Matrix for separate Mid / Side processing, as well as a slectable HPF in the Sidechain (Off, 60Hz, 120 Hz).
The sound is both cleaner and clearer than that of an original Fairchild, yet the colour is very similar, just less of it.

dB says

The IGS Tubecore works on just about everything you might wanna throw at it.
It obviously rules for everything orchestral, such as violins, brass, also fantastic on solo violin.
But it also performs miracles on drum bus (frequently set to M/S mode for that) or lead vocal, both in mix or tracking.
It’s most common use would be master bus though, since it will not mess with the low end like most Vari Mu’s out there.
Yes it does have colour, beautiful colour for that, but not so much that it might leave you in doubts weather to go down that route or not.
Extremely musical, extremely flexible.
Definite candidate if you are looking for that one “lonely island” tool.
If you are gonna order a Manley Vari Mu with all of these features it will cost you more than double of what the Tubecore is, just saying…