Maag PREQ4-500

500s Mic Pre + AIR BAND


  • Mic Pre + AIRBAND für 500 Series
  • Max Gain 65dB
  • Sehlf EQ “AIRBAND”:  2.5, 5, 10, 20 or 40 kHz shelf
  • Frequency response less than 3dB from 10hz through 75 kHz
  • headroom: 27 dBu
  • THD + Noise: less 0.007%
  • 21 dented steps both for mic pre gain and AIRBAND gain
  • High Pass Filter: Knee starts @ 160 Hz and is –3 dB @ 70 Hz.

€ 890,-
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The PREQ4® (500 Series) is a one channel microphone preamplifier with AIR BAND® (shelf boost from 2.5 to 40kHz via VARI AIR™), compatible with the API 500-6B lunchbox® and 500VPR rack systems. Following its PreQ3 predecessor, the PREQ4 provides unparalleled transparency and top end presence while maintaining the true natural sound behind the microphone.

Presented in the flagship lunchbox® portable format, the PREQ4® offers the legendary AIR BAND®, 65dB adjustable gain, phase reverse capability, 70Hz high pass filter, +48V phantom power, and -20dB PAD. The Maag Audio PREQ4® is an official member of the VPR Alliance.


dB says

Great general purpose mic pre with a very fast and direct sound.
If in a major recording setup of a full band I would probably stick them on the guitar amp mics.
They have a distinct in your face vibe about them.
The magic AIR BAND would add whatever is missing.
Particularly with guitar amps I tend to get better results by brightening the mic signal rather than turning up presence and / or top end of the actual amp.