Sunset Sound – P1 Tutti
Demo unit available

500 Series Mic Pre - incredible on vocals and acoustic guitars. Must hear!!


  • Same Design used in the Sunset Consoles
  • Dual 990 op-amps
  • Nickel Transformers, Input and Output
  • Greater than 60 dB of Gain
  • 10Hz to 60KHz FLAT
  • Distortion less than .02%
  • Clips at +28 dBu
  • Signal/Overload Indicator
  • Selectable Input Gain, 10dB steps
  • Adjustable Gain Trim,
  • + 6dB Output Fader Control
  • Front and Rear XLR MIC Input
  • Hi-Z/INST Front Panel Input

€ 950,-
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Packed with the best parts of history and components, the Sunset Sound “TUTTI” 500 Series Mic Preamp has a little Bambi, Mary Poppins, The Doors, Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Sheryl Crow, Beck, The Wallflowers, Prince, Nickel Transformers, Discrete 990 Op-Amps, Grayhill Switches, Gold, Silver,
Discrete,Fidelity, HeadRoom,PowerandPerfection.
100% Discrete and wrapped into a 500 Series module that draws less than 100ma of current with the power to start an uprising.    The Design of the Transformers were built precisely to the original specs by Cinemag, who made the original transformers under the Reichenbach name.


dB says

It’s my new goto preamp for vocal recordings.

Whether or not this thing is actually based on a vintage API I cannot say for sure:
Some say that the original Sunset Sound console was actually a modified vintage API.

In 2012 Sunset Sound asked no lesser than API legend Paul Wolff to redesign that legendary console preamp for Series 500.
The result is truly amazing, it’s fast, very fast – but will never produce those hard unpleasant attacks so well known from modern issues of the API Mic Pre’s.
It’s got “vocals” written all over it.
Downright must have IMHO.