Tonelux EQ5P
Demo unit available

500 series proportional Equaliser with fully parametric 4 bands and output transformer. Sweetest highs anywhere!


  • Fully compatible with all series 500 housing
  • Output transformer with typical Tonelux colourisation
  • Silent bypass switch (Output transformer stays in circuit)
  • 4 bands
    Band 1: Undented 16Hz – 1kHz, proportional Q or 1/3 octave fixed Q, +/- 15dB
    Band 2: Undented 50Hz – 3khz,  proportional Q or 1/3 octave fixed Q, +/- 15dB
    Band 3: Undented 500Hz – 21kHz, proportional Q or 1/3 octave fixed Q, +/- 15dB
    Band 4: Undented 500Hz – 21kHz, proportional Q or Shelf, +/- 15dB

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The EQ5P is a DISCRETE Parametric Equalizer with some very unique features.  Notice that the panel has no Q control.  The filter Q control is in relation to the Boost and Cut control, and uses a “Constant Energy Curve” or known as “Proportional Q” that keeps the bandwidth wider at lower boost or cut levels and becomes narrow at higher boost or cut levels.  This is musically pleasing.  The curve is identical to many classic equalizers and is one of the reasons they are preferred over newer designs.  When the PEAK button pressed, the 3 yellow “peak” buttons keep the width at a constant 1/3 octave for more precision control.

The High Frequency has a Shelving button instead of a Peak button.  Since the Constant Energy Curve is so broad in the lower frequencies, there is no need for a low frequency shelf button.

With 4 bands of controls, each of the lower 2 have slightly different frequencies, allowing the lower band to go to 16 Hz, and the upper 2 bands are identical.
The IN button is a silent IN/OUT button that does not bypass the unit, but it bypasses the filters.
The gentle colourisation of the TX260 Op Amp stays active.


dB says

There’s maybe a handful of EQ’s out there that allow you to select each and every frequency, boost it a lot and then make you say to yourself “Oh, I like that”.
The EQ5P is definitely such a horse and will encourage you to boost rather than cut resonating frequencies of a signal, or boost generally unpleasant frequencies – in case the musical program wants it – and thereby add to the unique character of a signal within the mix.
It’s therefor my definite “goto EQ” on snaredrum in the mix.
I can boost tons of the tone of that snare – usually somewhere around 200Hz – and thereby give that snare weight no end without getting a mouthful of unwanted mud with it.
My other use for the EQ5P is lead voice – simply cause of the remarkable sweetness of its high’s – as well as on acoustic guitars.
All in all it’s very “precise” EQ. On having to describe it I would put it’s basic character definitely closer to the Neve VR channel EQ than to the SSL E-Series equivalent.
But it never sounds boring to my ears, yes, it will colour the signal but not as heavily as the vintage classics from Pultec to Neve.
You can easily use it on a signal twice, such as in recording and mixing without any concerns whatsoever (you don’t do that with our two candidates above 😉 and won’t get too much colour.
Like most Tonelux designs it’s aiming to be a flexible “one size fits all” unit rather than a special FX one trick pony.
It’s got plenty of charme – at the same time it’s extremely flexible.

If anything it could be labelled a perfect compromise of sorts.
Besides, it’s too cheap IMHO for what it is, how it sounds and what it can do.