Tonelux OTB 16 “dB mod”
Demo unit available

16 Channel Summing Mixer - modded version - demo unit available


€ 1690,-
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Lets face it, the original version of the OTB 16 is too cheap for what it is!!
Yet we love it and we think it sounds fantastic.
Still we grabbed the opportunity and had a look if we can take it even further.
So our trusted tech played around with all sorts of super expensive OP amps and indeed we found a version that we seem to like still better.
We feel that the low end is a touch improved and we particularly like the stereo imaging of the modded version.
It may not be quite “in your face” as the original – talking about the higher midrange – but we think its a mite more versatile and more open sounding and also has more of that beautiful something that you would refer to as “power”.
Of course we didnt change anything about the master bus and output transformer. We dont believe it can be improved.
While on the way we managed to raise the noise floor by some 6 dB.
So we guess this modded version does make sense for mastering studios that do a lot of stem mastering… and there just might be the odd freak among you who’d be interested in this version…

dB says

For your reference:
My own OTB 16 has 8 channels modded and 8 channels original.
But then I’m a freak too!