Tonelux Tilt

8 Kanäle Tonelux "TILT" EQ in one housing


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The 19″ TILT features 8 channels auf the simple Tonelux EQ of the same name.

The orginal TILT EQ has its origin in the Tonelux MP1a / MP5a Preamp.
Its a simple but yet very effective EQ. Use a single pot to add highs / cut bass of a signal, or to cut highs and add bass.
The signal is therefor literally “tilted” around its center 800hu frequency.

Results are extremely phase linear. After all you have not added any valleys or mountains to the signal, resulting in typical phase dirt like it will invariably happen with bell eq’ing.
You have just tilted that signal in the right direction.

With eight channels of TILT EQs in one housing the unit is perfectly suited for tracking larger sessions – when you have to move fast – or likewise in live mixing.
It equally useful to hardwire the TILT EQ between your DA converters and your summing mixer, 8 channels at a time.
This way you can first get that signal into the right direction, before you go crazy with plugins – which ideally shouldnt be used for more than cosmetics anyways.

Mind you – the TILT’s sound is sweet, sweet, sweet!!