Tonelux V-Series
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Modular Custom Consoles - carefully honed to your personal workflow


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The Tonelux V-Series system is a modular console system consisting of numerous different available modules.
By combining these modules literally any configuration, be it the smalles portable summig mixer or the largest fully automated 5.1 monster console can be realised.

BTW, the Tonelux 500 Series’ Mic Pre, Compressor and EQ have all their origin in their slightly slimmer cousins of the V-Series system. They do use the same components and very similar schematics, yet the V-Series modules are powered with slightly higher voltage.

dB Music is proud to be V-Series assembly station for all of continental Europe today.
So if you have any questions regarding V-Series – please dont hesitate to contact us by phone or email, you’ve picked the perfect spot.
We’ll gladly come up with suggestions of configurations and pricing, perfected to your personal workflow.

At this stage we would like to emphasize that we regard the Tonelux V-Series summing stage to be the best sounding summing stage on the market today.
Numerous summing blindtests in the past underline this somewhat bold statement.
No other summing stage has hit the No 1 spot as often as the V-Series.

Hearing is believing.