Charter Oak K500

3 Band ultra parametrischer Equalizer


  • High Headroom and Low Distortion
  • 3 Ultra Wide Bands
  • Constantly Variable Low Band Center Frequency Sweep from 20Hz-500 Hz
  • Constantly Variable Mid Band Center Frequency Sweep from 500Hz-10kHz
  • Constantly Variable High Band Center Frequency Sweep from 800Hz-20kHz
  • Constantly Variable Bandwidth Sweep from 1/10 Octave To 2 Octaves in all 3 Bands
  • Bell and Shelf Selection Switch in High and Low Bands
  • Frequency Divided by 10 Switch in Mid Band
  • 12dB of Cut and Boost in 2dB Steps via 11 Position Rotary Switch w/ Lever Control
  • -24dB Cut Selection on each Band for Corrective Wide Bandwidth Cut or Corrective Notch Filter
  • High Pass Filter(-10dB @ 20 Hz)
  • Low Pass Filter (-10dB@ 20 kHz)

€ 750,-
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The CharterOak K500 is unlike other console and 500 series equalizers, the K500 offers fully parametric control over the entire bandwidth of the device as well as some unique features that engineers will find to be very powerful tools in both tracking and mixing.

CharterOak K500 Ultra Parametric Equalizer features high headroom and low distortion on 3 ultra wide bands. Seeking to appeal to a wide audience of audio professionals the K500 will fit into any 500 series powered rack.