Charter Oak MPA-1A

Ultrapräziser Solid State Dual Mikrofonvorverstärker


  • Transformerless Input
  • Transformer Balanced Output
  • High Pass Filter 10Hz – 200 Hz
  • Low Pass Filter 10khz – 60khz
  • -6 dB Pad
  • 48V Phantom Power
  • Livetime Warranty

€ 1690,-
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The MPA-1’s transformerless input circuitry and transformer balanced output give the engineer the best of both worlds. With the input and output gain controls, the engineer can carefully control the signal from ultra clean and transparent, to pleasant coloration added by the MPA-1’s output stage and Cinemag output transformer.

The MPA-1 is also fitted with constantly variable high pass and low pass filters that encompass the entire bandwidth of the device, a -6dB pad, +48VDC phantom power, and phase reverse, giving the engineer further control of the signal and flexibility.

The mic pre is delivered with a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor and easy access to factory technical support.