IGS – Tubecore 500
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Series 500 Vari Mu Compressor - special price through summer 2018


  • Fully symmetric design, from Input to Output
  • Precise analog scales and ultra fast VU Meters
  • Frequency response +/-0.2dB: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Release: 0.1s – 4s
  • Attack: 10 – 300 ms
  • Max. gain: 35dB
  • Input – Carnhill transformer
  • Output – Sowter transformer

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The TUBECORE 500 is a full symmetric transformer balanced 500-series compressor. The structure is based on the typical vari mu solution. The TUBECORE 500 is a true tube mono compressor where compression is achieved using the remote cut-off of tube biasing. Could be used as a mono tracking compressor or (as a matched pair) as an advanced mastering tool.


Front Panel

VU METER – Big VU meter showing the amount of gain reduction.
THRESHOLD – Above this level of the input signal the compression will occur. Use it to control the amount of compression.
ATTACK – Time delay between the apperance of the signal and the compressor reaction.
RELEASE – Time delay between the disappearance of the signal and the compressor reaction.
GAIN – Input gain knob.
OUTPUT – Output level knob.