Welcome Coleman Audio!!

Proud to henceforth represent Coleman Audio products in Austria and Hungary.
For a long time we have been receiving frequent questions and inquiries about monitor controllers and never knew what to recommend.
So we finally had a thorough look at the market and Coleman products clearly put the blame on all its competitors.
We regard Coleman products to be unbeatable in regard to sonic quality, features as well as price tag.
Check it out yourself.
Here’s a bundle that we really recommend btw:

PSA1 + MBP2 + LS3 will give you all you will ever ask form your monitor section, when working not ITB but typically with a standalone summing mixer, such as Tonelux OTB and others:

4 sources, 3 loudspeaker pairs, big VU Meter as well as sending stereo bus signal back to your master converter without any quality loss whatsoever.
Great combi.