Welcome Summit Audio!!

It’s good to see Summit Audio back on the market, which has recently been taken over by fabulous JMP Electronics and their team of high profile audio gurus.
Summit Audio used to be THE leading manufacturer of high end tube gear in the 90s and well into the 00s in the USA and their ware could be found in each and every pro studio, though never quite as popular in Europe, with the obvious exception of their industry standard mono compressor unit TLA 100, which to this day is regarded one of the best tube comps ever designed.
Shining equally on bass as on lead voc – or anything else you might wanna throw at it – it’s indeed one of those holy grail comps of all times.
Anyways, it’s really good news that Summit is back, with JMP watching over the original fantastic circuit designs and meticulously building them again, at the same time expanding Summits portfolio with newer designs.
dB Music is proud to announce to have taken over Summit Audio distribution and dealership for Austria and South Eastern Europe.
Ware will soon be available and the homepage updated as soon as we have stock in house.
Particularly looking forward getting our hands again on the famed EQF-100, in our opinion one of the best sounding parametric EQs ever …. and that spells EVER!!!!
Make sure to watch out for the upcoming pricelist.
That much we can say as of yet- the ware will be way more affordable than you might expect…